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Eye Shadows (Latina Beauty Award Winner)
  Motives® Eye Candy Crème Eye Shadow
Motives® Eye Candy Crème Eye Shadows give in to temptation. Motives® Eye Candy is a treat for your eyes. The new color collection glides on smoothly and blends easily while conditioning and hydrating the eyelids to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes, and providing long-lasting color.
Description More Info Code
   Butterscotch 194MCES
   Gum Drop 199MCES
  Motives® Gem Dust
Motives® Gem Dust is loose glitter eyeshadow that will add embellishment for any occasion. Gem Dust is available in three shades – 24K, Tanzanite, and Sterling – to enhance any eye color. Gem Dust has amazing color retention and will not crease or run. Eyes can be dramatic or subdued based on various application techniques.
Description More Info Code
   24K 100MLES
   Sterling 103MLES
  Motives® Glitter Pots
Add sparkle to your eyes with Motives® Glitter Pots. The lightweight, fine particles add glitter to any type of makeup. Motives Glitter Pots are available in four fun colors that will accentuate any eye. Apply as a liner for subtle appearance, or apply lightly all over for an intense, bold look.
Description More Info Code
   Aspire 100MEG
   Ignite 102MEG
   Celebrate 103MEG
   Vivid Blue 104MEG
   Lagoon Blue 105MEG
   Karma 106MEG
   Plum Fairy 107MEG
   Pot of Gold 108MEG
   Diamond 109MEG
   Moon Dust 110MEG
   Jewel Pink 111MEG
   Magic Dust 112MEG
  Motives® Luxe Crème Eye Shadow
Long-lasting color glides on smoothly and blends easily while conditioning and hydrating the eyelids to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes.
Description More Info Code
   Metal 190MCES
   Gold Dust 191MCES
   Brown Sugar 193MCES
  Motives® Mineral Baked Eye Shadow Trio
Motives® Mineral Baked Eye Shadow Trios are baked to create a smooth and silky texture that is highly pigmented and long lasting. These baked shadows go on smoothly and evenly with a shimmery finish. Motives Mineral Baked Eye Shadow Trios contain safflower oil to prevent drying of the eyelids and rosemary and magnolia bark extracts, which can help promote youthful-looking skin. Motives Mineral Baked Eye Shadow Trios are perfectly color coordinated, and can be applied either wet or dry.
Description More Info Code
Confident 100MBT
Intelligent 101MBT
Disobedient 102MBT
Impatient 103MBT
Affluent 104MBT
  Motives® Paint Pot Mineral Eye Shadow
Motives® Paint Pot Mineral Eye Shadow is a gorgeous selection of irresistible, must-have loose mineral eyeshadows that provide an intense radiance of color and shimmer for all skin tones and preferences. Motives Paint Pot Mineral Eyeshadow is talc and oil free and can be worn on the eyes, face or body. Add some fun to your everyday makeup application with any of our dramatic colors.
Description More Info Code
   Elle 102MPPES
   Vogue 103MPPES
   Glamour 106MPPES
   Allure 109MPPES
   InStyle 111MPPES
   Marshmallow 114MPPES
   She Sparkles 115MPPES
   Cha-Ching 116MPPES
   Rust 117MPPES
   If You Dare 118MPPES
   Mesmerize 119MPPES
  Motives® Pressed Eye Shadow (Latina Beauty Award)
Ultra smooth and luxurious, these eye shadows are crease-proof and deflect the light away from fine lines to help visibly reduce the signs of aging for a eye catching look.
Description More Info Code
   Vanilla 100MES
   Pink Gold 101MES
   Chocolight 102MES
   Cappuccino 103MES
   Whipped Cream 104MES
   Steel 105MES
   Cinnamon Spice 107MES
   Gold Rush 109MES
   Dusk 110MES
   Pacific Sea 111MES
   Onyx 112MES
   Dreamy 113MES
   Crème Fresh 116MES
   Midnight 118MES
   Vintage Glam 119MES
   Bling 120MES
   Antique Gold 121MES
   Platinum 123MES
   Sequins 124MES
   Crystal Blue 125MES
   Vino 127MES
   Toast 128MES
   Latte 129MES
   Red Earth 130MES
   Gun Metal 131MES
   Black Tie 132MES
   Chic 133MES
   Green Apple (Slight Shimmer) 134MES
   Fantasy 135MES
   Hazelnut 137MES
   Bedroom Eyes 138MES
   Pink Diamond 139MES
   Pearl 140MES
   Dollface 141MES
   Hot Chocolate 143MES
   Antique Pink 145MES
   Sweet Plum 146MES
   Lust Dust 148MES
   Heavy Metal 151MES
   In The Buff 155MES
   Forbidden 156MES
   Ecstasy 158MES
   Glamour 163MES
   Blizzard 164MES
   Twilight 165MES
   Stardust (Glitter) 166MES
   Galaxy 167MES
   Heiress 168MES
   Star Struck 169MES
   Plum Frost 170MES
   Bronze Beauty 171MES
   Twinkle 172MES
   Aphrodite 175MES
   Breaking Dawn 176MES
   Sunkissed 178MES
   Moroccan Spice 186MES
   Mykonos Blue 187MES
   Luau 188MES
  Motives® for La La Shimmers
Motives for La La Shimmers provides rich, long-lasting color for creating subtle or intense looks. The silky, mineral powder applies smoothly and blends evenly while catching the light for an illuminating effect.
Description More Info Code
   Naughty Mauve 100MLMS
   Moonlighting 101MLMS
   Copper 102MLMS
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