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Lip Shine
  Motives® Full Color Lip Shine
Motives® Full Color Lip Shine is a mineral based formula delivering sensational color and a luscious wet look while providing ultra-shine. Perfect for any fashion conscious woman who wishes to keep her pout glistening and hydrated. Silica provides shine while mica and titanium provide a protective barrier for soft, beautiful lips.
Description More Info Code
   Tease 263MLS
  Motives® Illuminating Lip Shine
Motives Illuminating Lip Shine provides even color and high shine to lips and includes a mirror and LED light for easy application, any time. This amazing gloss comes in various shades to match any occasion or mood.
Description More Info Code
   Miami Heat 53MLG
   Fashion Week 54MLG
   Sangria 55MLG
   Brown Berry 56MLG
   Wild Honey 57MLG
  Motives® Lip Shine
Motives® Lip Shine is a lustrous finish that is a blend of high quality botanical waxes and conditioners, to bring ultra shine and color while hydrating and conditioning your lips.
Description More Info Code
   Pralines & Cream 61MLG
   Radiant Glow 62MLG
   Candlelight 63MLG
   Juicy Watermelon 64MLG
   Tropical Sherbet 65MLG
   Sweet Spice 66MLG
   Debutante Pink 67MLG
  Motives® Mineral Lip Shine
Motives® Mineral Lip Shine is a great way to add sparkle to any holiday look. The mineral base provides intense hydration, conditioning lips with ultra-shine that is perfect on every skin tone. The brush applicator provides increased color during application, making your product last longer. Glamorous, moisturized lips have never been easier with Motives Mineral Lip Shine!
Description More Info Code
   Scandal 49MLG
   Toasty Delight 50MLG
   Adore Me 51MLG
   Rosé 52MLG
   Kiss Me 58MLG
   Peach Glaze 59MLG
   Glam 69MLG
  Motives® for La La Illuminating Lip Shine
Description More Info Code
   Sweet Candy 40MLMLG
   Melrose 41MLMLG
   Undeniable 42MLMLG
   Sassy 43MLMLG
   Uptown 44MLMLG
  Motives® for La La Mineral Lip Shine
Description More Info Code
   La Reina 100MLMG
   Trend Setter 101MLMG
   Drama Queen 102MLMG
   Flirt 103MLMG
   Sunset Blvd 104MLMG
   Gossip 105MLMG
   Celeb 106MLMG
   Preciosa 107MLMG
   Amazing 108MLMG
   Dreamer 109MLMG
   Big Apple 110MLMG
   Bella 111MLMG
   Runway 112MLMG
   Soho Pink 113MLMG
   Rose Glaze 114MLMG
   Passion 115MLMG
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