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Friction Free 3000 Engine Treatment - Single Bottle (8 oz.)
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Friction Free 3000 Engine Treatment is an engine oil additive lubricant made of soft ductile metals, uniform and spherical in shape, ranging from 5 to 15 microns in size. These soft metals are coupled with special suspension agents to provide a solid boundary lubrication that can provide enhanced engine performance even under extreme conditions. Friction Free 3000 Engine Treatment has been shown to provide superior engine lubrication, improve engine power, increase fuel economy, reduce emissions and reduce engine surface wear. And it's so easy! It only takes 15 seconds to add a bottle of Friction Free 3000 Engine Treatment to your car's oil. Do this after each oil change for best results.


Americans today, on average, keep their automobiles seven years. Automobile and truck maintenance has become an American obsession, creating a need for advanced technology in car care. Maintaining high performance and engine efficiency has become a major concern since this area represents the most costly repairs when a breakdown occurs.


When two hard metal surfaces collide, conventional fluid film lubrication can fail. Friction forces generate tremendous heat, creating intense lubrication demands. Unfulfilled demand and inadequate lubrication can result in:


  • Poor engine performance
  • Lower compression
  • Increased oil consumption
  • Poor mileage
  • Dry starts
  • Increased engine wear and shorter engine life

A step beyond ordinary lubrication. Friction Free 3000 Engine Treatment protects and preserves new and old engines alike. Metallurgists in the field of tribology (the study of friction) confirm that soft metals provide superior friction-reducing quality and enhanced lubrication between two hard surfaces. The proper use of Friction Free 3000 Engine Treatment can help increase gas mileage, prevent dry starts and reduce exhaust emissions.


As metal moves against metal, microscopic soft-metal particles migrate into pits, crevices and scratches caused by friction wear. Unlike conventional film lubricants, which cannot properly protect against these conditions, the Friction Free 3000 Engine Treatment micro-metals fill, pack and plate the imperfect surfaces. The remaining micro-metals constantly circulate to provide added lubrication while seeking out new areas of surface wear.


Friction Free is recommended for oil filters having pore sizes of 20 microns or greater. It is NOT recommended for diesel engines, automatic transmission fluid reservoirs, positraction or limited slip differentials, or any unit requiring limited lubrication, common reservoirs (wet clutches), 2-cycle engines where oil and gas are mixed, centrifugal hydraulic systems or high pressure multi-stage compressors over 500 psi.

Friction Free 3000 Engine Treatment is intended for use in gasoline engines and should be poured into the oil reservoir, NOT the fuel tank. It can be used in small 4-cycle engines. Friction Free 3000 Engine Treatment is compatible with both standard and synthetic motor oils.


Instructions: Change the oil and filter or have the oil and filter changed by a qualified professional. Start the engine and allow it to reach regular operating temperature. Stop the engine and immediately add a complete bottle of Friction Free 3000 Engine Treatment to your engine's crankcase (where you add your engine oil). Immediately restart the engine and continue to drive the vehicle at normal speeds for at least 10 minutes. 


Transmissions and Gearboxes: Friction Free 3000 Engine Treatment can be used for standard transmissions, differentials and gearboxes, but is NOT intended for use in automatic transmissions, limited slip or positraction differentials, or any unit requiring limited lubrication.


Compressors and Hydraulic Systems: Friction Free 3000 Engine Treatment may be used in hydraulic systems. Treatment ratio is 2 oz. per gallon up to 5 gallons, then add 1/2 oz. per gallon thereafter. This product is NOT intended for use in high-pressure, multi-state compressors over 500 psi.

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